Get 2004 3 8 Liter Gm Engine Diagram Pics

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Get 2004 3 8 Liter Gm Engine Diagram
. The gm high feature engine (also known as the hfv6, and including the 3600 ly7 and derivative lp1) is a family of modern general motors dohc v6 engines. When it comes to v8 engines, gearheads appreciate this type of motor for its fairly compact layout, tremendous performance, and the noise it produces.

Buick V6 engine - Wikipedia
Buick V6 engine - Wikipedia from
These motors are commonly referred to as either the lima or simply the 2.3 sohc (single over head cam) engines. Many metric fasteners available in the aftermarket parts. Diesel engines have a working volume of 12.7 liters and develop from 380 to 450 horsepower.

My 99 cavalier also seems to get very hot while idling in stalled traffic before the fan kicks in.

General motors has a long history with making innovative strides in engine development. Kcwolfpack59, it looks like gm allows their engines to get hot. While these engines were based on the gm family ii engine. General motors 5.0 l powertrain general motors 5.7 l powertrain.

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